Alisa Jacobson



Ever since I was young, my passion for art was undeniable.  I found myself loving anything that sparked my creativity.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and find myself always coming back!  At Pennsylvania State University, I received a BFA in  Art and Photography, and spent my last semester abroad in Rome, Italy. Being able to explore different parts of the world and taking in all the different cultures really helped me grow as an artist and also as a human being.  I then moved to Miami Beach and spent some time there getting inspiration from the beautiful scenery. After working three jobs only to realize the rent was WAY too expensive, I moved back to Pittsburgh where I found my new home, The Pittsburgh Art House.  Creativity and ideas were always flowing, and I was able to focus on my passions of painting, photography, and music, while also being in a place where I could collaborate and learn from the people I lived with.  After some years went by of rocking out, I started a new chapter in my life by becoming a mom. I now have new inspirations after bringing life into this world. I am constantly inspired by everything around me, whether it is something I see, a person I meet, or a song I listen to. They all have an affect on my artwork. I hope to keep learning, traveling, and meeting many new people so I can continue to share my art and love with the world.